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All items shown on this website are current production items. Product information as noted on product webpage. Pricing is landed, duty paid (LDP) to
Los Angeles port & is an estimate only & may fluctuate based on current market conditions. Please contact factory for current pricing.

Logos shown on this website, quotation or any marketing materials are for illustrative purposes only, do not imply endorsement and are not for sale except
by authorized owner. By submitting purchase order and artwork to BREKX, the customer represents that the use or display of artwork will not violate
any applicable laws including copyright & trademark or client restrictions. Customer hereby agrees to hold BREKX harmless of all claims.

Custom Pricing
Unless otherwise noted on your quotation, all pricing is landed, duty paid (LDP) to Los Angeles port. Inland transportation is not included. Quote upon request.

Custom Lead Time

Preproduction Approval Sample:  3-4 wks
Production:  11-12 wks from sample approval

Lead times as noted above are for reference only & not guaranteed. Please refer to your quotation for current lead times. Other US ports available.
Items that require a mold or tooling will require longer lead times. US or factory holidays do not count as production days. Please allow additional time.

Canada Delivery
BREKX does not provide freight quotations with a destination of Canada.  BREKX will ship orders to Canada only if provided a logistics freight account for the freight billing.

Proofs /Spec Samples /Random Samples
Virtual samples of items shown on our website are available at no charge. Spec samples charges as noted on your quotation or on the website.  BREKX does not carry samples of every item in stock.  Please call and inquire if we have random samples available on a 30 day loan basis or if we can offer a reduced factory direct sample costs.  We understand the importance of having samples available to your customers and will make every effort to accommodate.

Special Packing/Labeling
BREKX accommodates customers with many special labeling and packing requests.  These special requests must be clearly brought to the attention of BREKX at the time of quotation.  BREKX will not be held responsible of any additional charges if special packing/labeling was requested on the purchase order, but were not settled in the quotation process.

All orders are considered firm and cannot be cancelled once we send your deposit to the factory. Deposits are non-refundable.

Changes cannot be accepted after sample approval or after the purchase of custom material is confirmed.

Order changes may result in changes to your ship date as well as additional setup and proof charges. If production has started, changes cannot be accepted.

All orders are made to order and considered custom. Returns are not accepted.

Net 30/Credit Card with approved credit:  
First Time Customers - Provide credit references.  Upon review and approval of references, 50% deposit required upon receipt of order.  25% deposit to release shipment from coastal hub.  Balance due net 30.  
Repeat Customers - 33% deposit required upon receipt of order.  33% deposit to release shipment from coastal hub.  Balance due net 30.
A 3% processing fee will be incurred for any credit card payments over $500.

In order to process your order please complete the following
1:  Fill out the CC authorization formand fax to 314 514 4051 or scan and email to
2:  Complete and return Credit Reference form.

CPSIA:  Any product that is designed or intended for a child 12 years of age or younger is subject to CPSIA compliance. It is the sole responsibility
of you, the customer, to determine if your product requires CPSIA compliance. BREKX will not be held responsible if your product is imported without the required certification according to US law. Customer, will, at his own expense, defend any and all actions or suits, and will hold BREKX harmless of any such claims.

Due to manufacturing tolerances, all product dimensions have acceptable variations up to ½”. BREKX cannot guarantee continuity of exact shade,
color, size, weight, texture, color fastness, or construction of finished goods. Images on this website may not show true color or texture of product.

Force Majeure
BREKX is not liable for delays in delivery due to acts of God, fire, flood, war, government regulation, labor strikes, labor shortages, material shortages,
customs, shipping, natural disasters and acts of terrorism. Delivery dates are approximate & not guaranteed. BREKX will make every effort to meet the delivery times as noted.

By submitting a purchase order, you agree to these terms, conditions, notices and disclaimers set forth on this website & in our quotation.